Quick Fixes

But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’ “ ‘An enemy did this,’ he replied. “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’ “ ‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest.”
Matthew 13:25-30 NIV


When things get out of hand as it did with the wheat and the weeds we quickly try to find quick fixes to our problems. This is where your mind will come up with a quick answer. But I am telling you that you can not trust your mind in this situation. When things get out of control you will fear and panic which will lead you to grasp at anything that can be a solution. Doing this can only lead to two things. To either temporarily fix the problem which will lead to it coming back again, or making things worse while you are trying to fix it. If the servants were to go ahead with their original plan, one of the two would have happened. Reacting too fast to problems will cause you to make an emotional decision and not a rational one. So what I am telling you now is that when things get out hand do not fix it. You just need to leave it alone and do not touch it. Take time, process it through, and pray about it before you do anything.


Let It Go

Many believers will come to a point and ask, why are there prayers not being answered. Why have they not entered into the next dimension of their life and why are they not where God said they will be. The faith is there along with the commitment and humbleness, but what is keeping them from their blessing. They are in the right position to receive the blessing, but something is hindering its come forth. There is something heavy that is holding them from claiming their gifts. This heavy weight is what I call I unforgiveness . So yes, it is true to be where God wants you to be to receive the blessing, but unforgiveness is blocking it from you. Is there someone in your life who is still weighing you down from something that happened years ago. Because I guarantee you that the person has moved on and is doing their own thing right now but you can not do anything outside of your shell with you still being tied to your past. You have to let it go because if you do not, then you will compromise your future. Yes this person did wrong to you and yes they have hurt you however they are not hurting you no more instead, you are hurting yourself. Do not become self destructive when the blessing is already within your clutches. Let it go.

What Is Your Name?

One of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever heard was, “To never allow life change your name.” We do not start life off angry and sad, as it is a gradual change from the person you use to be years ago. I have seen people filled with joy and happiness to the point that every word they spoke was words of optimism. However, today they are the total opposite. It is as if life was beating them up and instead of fighting back, they surrendered to it. It has been so long that I have seen them at their happiest that at times I forget they were ever happy at all. This is a reason why when I see people angry and bitter I don’t focus in on the present moment, instead I look towards their past because something back then made them like this. They can fake the happiness all they want by changing the leaves like most people do at their everyday jobs, but from the root they are still this person with a different name. That is why even though there is chaos going on from the outside, you have to protect the inside. The world on the outside changes everyday from new trends to different styles, but always keep your inside the same. Let the people know your true name.

He Will Do Things His Way

One of the main ways to destroy our faith comes from our own intellectuality. When we expect a blessing from God, we think that he will follow under the guidelines of the world. We become too smart for our own good that we forget why he is God. As a result, we become skeptical of the moves God makes in our lives, instead of just believing in him. When he blesses you it will be beyond your own understanding. You knew that this thing is what you are supposed to do therefore, do not expect for God to take you on the common route like everybody else. It will not make sense to you in the beginning or the end. That is why it is called having faith, because what he is going to do is an experience you have never seen or heard before. You can google the steps to get a certain career job or look over the qualifications needed, but when God wants to do something he will do it in a way that will defy all logic. That is why people will turn on you and become jealous, because you made it in a way so uncommon that they can not wrap their minds around it. Never think that God is predictable. You will never know the season, the time, nor the route of the blessing. Forget the stats, the sayings, the routes, the trends, and the common outcomes. Let him perform his miracle.




This fact is something that many people do not know and that is, our bodies have .22 milligrams of gold in it. So the next time you try to find value from someone else, know that there is value already in you. Just because John Legend is a great singer does not mean that I can be just like him. I can imitate him when I sing the lyrics to my lady, but his value is not my value. A lot of us choose careers because of how we saw it work with somebody else, but the reason why it works for them and not for you is for the reason that they have the value that is required. Let me break it down to you like this by saying God is the creator, we are created, and therefore we are creative. God did not create the wooden chair instead, he created a tree that is the main substance of the chair. With this tree that he created, we are creative enough to make a wooden chair or a wooden desk. Now back to our own values, God has created value in all of us. Therefore, once we realize it we must grow that value instead of it being one of those things we do on the side or just for fun. I see many people who has the gift to draw, sing, and design but they don’t use it. They are too worried about the value in someone else who is getting the recognition from the world which as a result would cause them to see their own value as useless. The .22 millimeters is not even worth a penny so it is not much however, it is a starting point like the tree. You can buy a beginner small tree from a flowering shop for about fifty dollars ,but the wooden desk itself is about three hundred dollars at a furniture store. That is what I call adding value to what God has created. It didn’t start off as much, but the creativity that was put into it added value. So I wonder how much value will you add to the .22 milligrams God has already put in you?

The Mind

I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law. Romans 7:25

We have a powerful tool at our disposal. It is so strong that it has dictated our history and will create a path for our future. This tool is our mind. With our minds we can create the greatest miracles however, it can also create the worst destruction. What is being said in the scripture Romans 7:25 is that our minds must be obedient to him if we expect great things to come from our minds. The condition of your mind is in direct result of where you are in your life right now. Therefore, the devil wants to disrupt it in any way possible. He wants to take away your focus and your commitment to God so he can rob you of your peace and joy. You can go to church, shout Gods name, and even speak in tongues, but as long as you keep all of that within the perimeters of the church and not outside of it , then the devil is okay with that. He wants you to be confused, lost, disappointed, and guilty because with all of that lingering in your mind there is no such thing as a miracle coming from it. The voice that says you are not good enough, you will turn out like your Mom did, and you will turn out like you Dad did is him talking destruction in your mind. His number one mission is to steal your mind, kill your peace/joy, and destroy your future. That is his daily task for roaming the earth everyday. Don’t be his next victim because if so, you will be serving him with your mind instead of God. Keep your mind pure and fixed on God no matter what happens or you will be working for the devil without ever recognizing it.



While you are in a ready position for your blessing to come, don’t just wait until it arrives. This is a pivotal moment of God giving you time to perform an inspection on yourself. The reason why God may be holding your blessing from you is for the reason that he may see a crack in your foundation. On the outside people may see the beauty of who you are, but they do not see the cracks of you on the inside. Just like a real house you can recognize and describe the great things about it, but on the inside it might have a bad foundation. Having a bad foundation and a bad core will cause anything to fall. With that being said, I know that you may say that you are ready for the blessing, but can you really handle all of the weight that comes with it. You say that God has called you to be an influential speaker, but you have poor communication skills. You say that God has called you to be an entrepreneur, but you lack commitment. You can have all the credentials and knowledge to pursue the blessing when it comes however, it is the small and simple things that means so much to the blessing that you are lacking. And as a result, you do not pass the inspection. Do not rush for a blessing to come because it is a case of you getting what you asked for which can lead to your foundation crumbling down if not inspected thoroughly. Take this time to be grounded and rooted in every area that is required for your blessing so you won’t be another person blaming God for what is going on in their life. He gives us a substantial amount of time to make our foundation stronger.


tired woman runner taking a rest after running hard

“I can not wait to get a job, I can not wait to get a degree, I can not wait to buy a car, I can not wait to buy a car, and I can not wait to get married.” Does this sound familiar? If it does then this is the voice of the little kid in you who said this years ago. Now with years fast forward, you got the degree, the car, the house, and everything else you said you wanted but guess what, you are tired. You are at the point to where you have succeed your expectations therefore, you would think that this is a time for celebration when in fact it is just misery. The little kid in you dreamed of you achieving what you have gotten but instead of having that same smile on your face when you first said it, your face is just reading tiredness and exhaustion. It is so mind-boggling to me when I see people go through hell to get what they fought for and when they finally get it they don’t celebrate or have joy about it. They become just as tired and worn out than the actual fight to get the achievement. I know you may be wondering why is it that people who fought through a marathon fall short within just meters of finishing it because of a celebration. The answer is that many people underestimate what it will cost them. We all understand that it will come with a price of money and finances but we forget that it cost time and energy as well. Therefore when people think that money is the only equation to the solution, they go into the journey with a prepared bank account but not a prepared mind. A mind that is prepared is not surprised with the presence of tiredness and exhaustion in the journey of achievements. That is when you come into your senses and realize that you can not live under your own counsel when you are tired because the journey will wear you out so much, you will not be who you really are when you have finished. You will be snappy, agitated, confused, and lost with the shadow of tiredness draping over you. You have to keep on driving but do not trust the gas hand. In other words, do not let your mind trick you into thinking that you should stop and pull over when you have already reached your destination.

Starting off Small

Never despise the day of small beginnings. I want to let you know that where you start is not where you finish. But the part that is most important with this is the journey in between them. When you have decided that you are going to begin your journey, you must know it will come with a series of challenges. I’m not just talking about the inwardly conflicts with your mind and faith but outwardly with people. You see, when you meet somebody you are at a certain level in your life. And most times people become friends because they can relate to each other, as they are on a relatable level. They can walk together hand and foot on the same pace however, when one friend feels like they want to chase after something else, then the other friend feels uncomfortable and lesser than. This is where friendships become broken because people can not handle others transitions. At first they feel as though the two of them are fighting together but when one of them figures out that this fight will never end, then they leave a non reaping fight into a reaping fight. This is when you enter into the process of your destination. A long journey between where you start and where you end. And when you start, remember to never despise the day of small beginnings. When you start off you may not get the results that you want and you may not get the audience, the crowd, the recognition, or the satisfaction just yet but what I learned is that through the process you go through a rehearsal stage. That is right, it is the long and boring part where you do stuff behind closed doors and you have to envision the good things people would say. But do not take this time for granted because this is where you get better. You are entering into a learning stage and if you do not prepare for what is at the end of your destination, then when the crowd appears you will not be your best YOU. Give them a great showing of who you can become by rehearsing in the process.


You have to know what you are going after. That goes with doing research and asking questions so you can learn everything there is to know about what you are deciding to go after. Trust me when I say that you will know when you have found out your calling. It may have obstacles and turmoil but there is a voice inside of you saying, “You can do this.” There was no influence or any type of persuasion that made you pick this, rather it was an instant connection. But for that connection to be complete you must study it. You gotta know the ins and outs of it all. Many people are doing the wrong thing because they never did research on it and as a result, they are wasting years doing something that will have no production or fulfillment in their life. Some things you are built to do while others can not do it and vice versa. It is like you getting a car. You want a Mercedes because Tiffany at your Job has one. And to describe your finances metaphorically, your head is barely floating above water. But you want it so bad because Tiffany has one therefore, you rush to buy the car before any voice of wisdom can say anything to you. Now you have the car and for celebration you drive it around the city all day. After awhile when your gas hand gets on E your first piece of trouble comes. You get to the gas station and before you take the cap off to fill your car up it reads on it saying, “premium gas only.” In other words, you can not put that cheap two dollar regular gas in your car instead, you have to put that three dollar gas in your car or you will mess the engine up. And remember that you are barely staying afloat in your finances, so an extra dollar of gas will make just your nose barely above water now. That is just the surface of the problem, as it gets worse with maintenance with you car being labeled as a luxury foreign car. So let’s just hope and pray that nothing goes wrong with the car or some bills for next month will have to be sacrificed for the sake of it. I know that I am figuratively speaking but there are some people fighting this battle right now and it could have all been avoided if they would have researched it first. If the research was done then they would have come into realization that this is not for them. It may look good to have and it may look good on Tiffany however, I will not let Tiffany’s fight become my own fight because she can handle it while I can not. Your mind can be easily set to go after something that is so unwise for you but doing the research will bring wise into the equation